Black Widow Sightings

Order: Araneae Family: Theridiidae Genus: Latrodectus

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Common Name: Black Widow
Record#: 5106
Location: Bass Lake Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
Date Sighted: 2019-06-15 #Seen: 1
User#: JelloRoc
Site Description: Ladies bathroom, Hilltop Comfort Station
Comment : A female black widow was crawling up the wall directly beside the toilet.

Species: Latrodectus mactans
Record#: 2008
Date Sighted: 1995-07-29 #Seen: 1
User#: JRust
Site Description:
Comment : My two young children found two black widow spiders inside a campground cable tv box. neither one was bit tho.

Common Name: Black Widow
Record#: 1909
Date Sighted: 1991-09-17 #Seen: 1
User#: JRust
Site Description:
Comment : While on an antelope hunting trip in wyoming, the rancher had us sleep in the bunk house. woke up to find a black widow spider dangling over my head. it must have been there all night.