Pileated Redhead Woodpecker Sightings

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Common Name: Pileated Redhead Woodpecker
Record#: 5076
Location: Tantallon, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date Sighted: 2018-09-14 #Seen: 2
User#: Joanne
Site Description: Back yard in wooded subdivision with mix of large trees & deadfalls
Comment : Two large noisy Pileated woodpeckers foraging in my backyard on a dead tree. Very noisy. I thought someone was chopping wood. Saw one in early spring also in my yard.

Common Name: Pileated Redhead Woodpecker
Record#: 5038
Location: Southfield, Michigan, USA
Date Sighted: 2018-06-25 #Seen: 1
User#: Grace A
Site Description:
Comment :