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Recently Submitted Wildlife Sightings

1] Greylag Goose Anser anser : Kelowna-Robert Lake, British Columbia, Canada, 2017-10-15
2] Asian Ladybug Harmonia axyridis : Trenton, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017-10-09
3] Moose Alces alces : Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017-09-02
4] Black Bear Ursus americanus : Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017-09-02
5] Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura : Port Hastings, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017-09-01
6] Goldenrod Crab Spider Misumena vatia : Thomas Raddall Park, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2017-07-23
7] Northern Curly-tailed Lizard : Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba, 2017-03-09
8] Brown Pelican Pelecanus occidentalis : Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba, 2017-03-11
9] Barred Owl Strix varia : Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia , Canada, 2017-07-24
10] Black-headed Grosbeak : Stockton, CA, USA, 2017-08-25
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